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Thursday, November 26, 2009

UNWTO Picks Bali As Green Tourism Model

The United Nation’s tourism body has announced its decision to pick Bali to become one of its model for green tourism development. In a visit on Thursday (26/11) by Assistant to the Secretary General of United Nation World Tourism Organization Geoffrey Lipman, to the Bali regional office, the body said Bali had potentials for the green tourism concept.

The region has the natural awareness in keeping the harmony between human, nature, and faith which Lipman said “ Is still alive and strongly adhered until now.” But the challenge lies on how to apply the concept in facing the actual problems like energy availability and climate change.

Through the program UNWTO wil help Bali in solving its tourism problems and promote features of the province. The Green tourism Lipman said was part of the Green economy which should be applied in addressing the natural destruction.

Bali Governor I Made Mangku Pastika said the UN Body has the competence to improve Bali’s image in green tourism but the community have to return to their old concept of nature conservation and agriculture.

Tourism , I Made said, has lured many Balinese to leave agriculture and “The challenge is how to make Balinese farmers become wealthier and modern.”

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