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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bali Didn’t Issue Terror-Attack Warning, Governor’s Office Says

Indonesia’s Bali resort island didn’t issue a terrorist-attack warning for New Year’s Eve, the island’s government said, contradicting a U.S. Embassy statement there was evidence an attack would be attempted.

“There is no threat,” Putu Suardhika, head of Bali’s Human Relations and Protocol Department, said by phone from Bali. “The governor has never issued that statement. So far everything is safe. From my observation security has been increased but this is for the police and military to comment on.”

The U.S. Embassy in Indonesia posted a terrorism-attack warning for tonight on the resort island of Bali, using information provided by Bali’s Tourism Board that cites the Island’s governor.

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  1. Hey buddy I am planning my holidays at Bali and I am hearing the news that there is threat of terorism at Bali so I am bit worried. Is it true that Bali is in hit list of terrorists??


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