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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Banyupinaruh Holiday

On Sunday, 02/28/2010, Balinese celebrate Banyupinaruh holiday. This holiday is celebrated every 210 days, every six months in Balinese Pawukon Calendar and every seven-month on Gregorian calendar. Banyupinaruh is a holiday in which Balinese celebrate the coming of the knowledge to the world. The word “Banyupinaruh” itself is derived from the word “banyu” means “water” or “holy water” and “pinaruh” or “pinaweruh” means “knowledge” so Banyupinaruh can be translated into “holy water of knowledge”. Balinese believe, the goddess of knowledge, Saraswati bestow knowledge to the humankind on this holiday.

On this holiday, Balinese get up early in the morning to take a bath on the beach, lake, river or other holy water sources. Many Balinese offer small offering of flower in container made of young coconut leave to the God before taking the ritual bath. This ritual bath serves to purify the mind and body so they become good containers for knowledge that bestowed on this holiday.
Fortunately, this time, Banyupinaruh falls on full moon that means the banyupinaruh will be celebrated in a grand way. In Bali, if a holiday coincide with full moon it will be celebrated in grander way than the way it I usually celebrate.


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