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Monday, February 15, 2010

Bay fiesta to enliven Sail Banda to be attended by President

The Ambon city administration is holding a bay fiesta to highlight Sail Banda which will be held in July and August 2010.

"We will hold a bay fiesta in Teluk Dalam, Ambon, to encourage the participants of Sail Banda, Indonesian 1,500 youngsters as well as foreign tourists in the international marine activity with its highlight to be attended by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on August 3, 2010," Ambon Mayor Jopi Papilaja ssaid here Monday.

The bay feast will include a swimming competition, fishing competition, traditional boat competition, and sea cleaning.

"We will persuade Sail Banda participants hoping after they have returned to their respective countries they will promote the undersea park of Ambon, and historical and cultural tourist potentials there, as well as the stable security situation in the area so that their tourists would not hesitate in visiting the Maluku provincial capital city," Papilaja said.

"We will also support the development of Teluk Dalam of Ambon with the Water Front City (WFC) program, the funding of which had the approval of the Ministry of Marine and Fishery Affairs," Papilaja said.

Sail Banda is aimed at promoting Maluku`s marine potentials by which the number of tourists to Ambom is expected to increase with its strategic impacts on several other sectors.

"So the people of Ambon should not only free proud by holding Sail Banda here, but also need to use the event to raise their welfare," Papilaja said.

The Ambon city administration will also encourage and support the people for promoting their houses as home stay because normally foreign tourists prefer to mix with the local population.

The presence of President SBY in Ambon scheduled on August 3 has also been programmed to promote Maluku as a national fish feed center.

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