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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Toba Lake region holding great tourism potentials

North Sumatra`s Toba Lake region has great potential to be developed into a marine tourism area while Samosir Island`s plains and the surrounding mountains can become a nature , agro and cultural tourism destination.

The statement was made by the head of Samosir`s tourism office, Melani Butar Butar, here Wednesday.

She said the natural and cultural wealth of Samosir district held many things that would attract tourists because it was located on an island in Toba Lake.

"There are a lot of cultural and historical sites and also unique attractions , hereditary legacies in this area, " Melani said.

"Tangible tourism objects such as museums , holidaying sites and also beautiful panorama can be found easily here . Also, intangible assets such as cultural and historical objects of traditional societies and also cultural events that will attract tourists," she said.

Melani said that actually Toba Lake and the Samosir region were in the past already known as a foreign and domestic tourist destination. Their development as a tourist destination began in 1970 when they were visited by many ousters because of its beautiful panoramas , unique customs including its Batak tribal culture.

The most interesting thing in the region , according to her, was the legend of Toba Lake. In addition, there was Pusuk Buhit, the place where "Si Raja Batak" originated.

Then there were periodical geographic or geological occurrences in the lake which became one of the wonders of the world.

The Samosir district government had published a master plan on the development of the regions as a tourist destination and details of the enginering design of a hot water springs area or "aek rangat pangururan" while the Pusuk Buhit region was proposed to be the cultural heritage area

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