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Monday, September 6, 2010

VOICE FOR BUYAN Photo Story Competition

(Source and copyright: Baliwww.com)

For the past 10 years, water level at Buyan Lake has been mysteriously depleted. Based on satellite view, the current volume of water of Buyan Lake is approximated to be less than 50% of that in year 2000. At the south part of the lake, the dried lake has been filled with grasses and vegetations that cover almost 30% of the area. From our “eyes”…Buyan is dying.

In response to environmental damage at Buyan Lake, Tabanan-Bali, BALI Photography GUIDE initiates this photo story competition to expose to wider audiences the problems that we have in Buyan. We hope that through this event, many will be encouraged to visit Buyan and to see the real problem that we have there…and we hope that we can find the root of causes of the problems.

Do you care???….We do…please help us to stop the environmental damage in Buyan.

1. Photo must be taken around Buyan Lake, Tabanan-Bali.
2. The photos can be landscape, villagers’ activity at Buyan (Human Interest), animals (insects, fishes, etc) that fill the habitat, or portrait of Buyan villagers.
3. DON”T PRINT. Printing can be wasting a lot of papers…we don’t want to create any additional problems to mother earth…just upload the photos at this.
4. Dateline of the submission is 31 October 2010.
5. Title and short “story” of your photos must be presented to describe your photos but the write-up shall not more than 3000 words. [description can only with INDONESIA/ENGLISH]
6. Nominations are based on the photos & story/description.

Prize money:
1. 1st winner: Rp. 1’000’000.
2. 2nd winner: Rp. 500’000.
3. 3rd winner: Rp. 300’000.

Join our “VOICE FOR BUYAN” Photo Story Competition here:

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