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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Indonesia's tourism to emphasize eco-cultural attractions in 2011

Indonesia’s tourism is to be promoted in 2011 with emphasize on the country’s eco-cultural attractions in the hope it will draw 7.3 - 7.6 million foreign visitors, a tourism ministry official said.

"After considering various factors, we have decided to promote the country’s eco-cultural’s attractions in 2011," Esty Reko Astuty, director of promotions at the Culture and Tourism Ministry, said here Monday as reported by

One of the premier tourist destinations to be promoted by the ministry next year would be the National Komodo Park in West Nusatenggara which was a finalist in the new seven wonders of nature competition.

The result of the new seven wonders of nature selection process would be announced on November 21 next year, and therefore it was considered appropriate to emphasize nature tourism, including the National Komodo Park, in 2011, she added.

"Environmental issues, including climate change, will be raised under the ’eco-cultural’ theme," Esthy said.

Eco-friendly tourism, she added, was chosen by the guests due to the tourism paradigm switchr from mass tours to alternatives related to enironmental sustainability.

"Moreover, the ministry will also establish a program to visit museums and we expect the program cold be accommodated under the eco-cultural theme," she said.

Esthy added, the theme would also provide space for the Indonesia tourism which is eco-friendly and showing cultural values.

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