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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Taiwanese tourist arrivals in Bali increase 6.05%

The number of Taiwanese tourists arriving in Bali in the January - October 2010 period increased 6.05 percent to 109,251 from 103.019 in the same period a year earlier, a statistics official said.

"They mostly arrived through Bali`s Ngurah Rai airport a board an airplane flying them directly from their country. We only have a record of one Taiwanese arriving through a seaport using an excursion ship," Head of Bali`s Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), I Gede Suarsa, said here on Sunday.

He said that Taiwanese tourists who came to enjoy the natural beauty of Bali and its arts diversity in 2009 totaled 111,146, which was a drop of eight percent from those in the same period in 2008.

"The improvement of the Taiwanese economy is expected to boost the arrivals of Taiwanese tourists in Bali in the future," he said.

Taiwan is the fifth biggest foreign tourist contributor to Indonesia. It is able to contribute 5.08 percent of the total foreign tourist arrivals in the January - October 2010 period which stood at 2,149,020, he said.

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