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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

5 Recommended Hotels in Bali

Bali is a well established tourist destination. As a result there are a large number of reputable hotels in the area, as well as an increasing number of new hotels around the island. Below are some of the hotels which are recommended to meet a variety of different needs.

Novus Bali Villas Hotel - This 5 star hotel is the option for those who seek luxury on their visit to Bali. The natural river which flows alongside the hotel creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere which is reflected in the design of the villas and the calm of the surrounding fields.

Villa Jerami and Spar - Another option for the luxury seeker, this 5 star hotel is located in a much sought after location. The exquisite design and surprising privacy amongst the variety of water features and palm trees is a direct contrast to the culture of mainstream Bali.

Inna Kuta Beach - One for those who seek high quality accommodation whilst being in close proximity to the beach. Part of a chain of hotels, the Inna Kuta Beach hotel provides consistently high standards. It is also ideally located to access all local attractions as well as shops, restaurants and bars.

Hotel Mercure Kuta Bali - Another hotel which offers good value and more than modest surroundings, the Mercure is in a delightful location and is ideal for those who intend on taking advantage of the nightlife.

Aneka Beach Hotel - Another of the hotels located near to the beach, Aneka Beach Hotel offers a charming experience for its guests as each of the rooms are in traditional Ballinese style bungalows. As Cesar said, when in Rome.....

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  1. A line of luxury Bali hotels and something I was looking for, thank you! I would love to just have a pleasurable stay at one of these getaways and have a holiday to remember!


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