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Monday, January 31, 2011

Loloh, A Magical Traditional Drink

If you often have dinner or lunch in Balinese restaurant serving surely Balinese authentic dishes you will be aware that Balinese fare is rich of various herbs and chili and coconut milk. And even though these ingredients result in good taste but consuming in large amount can affect to the healthy. Balinese people have a secret to balance the body after consuming strong tasty Balinese food.

When you eat Balinese dishes in large amount your stomach will be a little weird. You can feel that weirdness just like air fills your stomach and it becomes hard to defecate. For this problem, Balinese has a secret named Loloh. Loloh is a kind of traditional drink made from any kind of leaves and other ingredient like honey or young coconut. This beverage is effective to relieve the effect of those strong ingredients.

There is various kind of Loloh. The most popular one is Loloh Cemceman originally from Bangli Regency, made from Cemceman leaves. A renowned restaurant 'Bagong' selling Loloh Cemceman to be a perfect mate for Balinese tasty grilled fish and steamed fish. Bagong management knows well that for a strong-taste dishes should be balanced with something 'cooling' to make stomach comfortable.

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