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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Central Ubud Overview

Central Ubud is an interesting area where you can make hints what Ubud has to offer. Central Ubud has great restaurant and warungs, accomodation and interesting tourist destinations that serve as hallmarks of Ubud.

In Central Ubud you can visit Puri Saren, Ubud’ s main palace. This palace lies on the northeast comer of the town main crossroads facing the market, the exact center of Ubud. This is an elegant palace with cool nuance. Visitors are free to roam in inner courtyard of the palace to see the ornate thatched Bale (traditional house), royal heirlooms, and numerous colonial-era photographs.

Other interesting site is Pura Saraswati next to Puri Saraswati Bungalows, the royal temple of Ubud, that is situated near the Puri Saren Agung, behind Cafe Lotus. The temple is a masterpiece of I Gusti Nyoman Lempad. The visitors can find a magnificent lotus pond, beautiful garden, numerous of beautifully carved Bale and shrines. This temple is dedicated to the goddess of learning, Dewi Saraswati.

For art lovers, Central Ubud has Puri Lukisan, the “Painting Palace” of Ubud. This museum not just offers beautiful painting but also magnificent statues, a nice place to relax while enjoying beautiful work of art.

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