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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dutch Tourist Attacked in Carita, Anyer

Paul Mommers, an 18-year-old Dutch tourist reported to Bogor Kota Precinct Police Station (Polres) that he was attacked while he on vacation at the Carita Beach in Anyer, Banten. Earlier, Paul underwent a medical check-up at the PMI Hospital, Bogor, and had injuries on his head.

Paul explained the attack occured while he and his girlfriend, Cherrill, 18, were staying at the Hotel Carita Baka-Baka, last Tuesday. Paul suspected the perpetrator attacked him because he had been caught red handed trying to steal Paul’s belongings in his room at around 3 a.m.

Paul claimed he was hit at the back of his head and upper back with a cleaning instrument. Luckily, he was saved by Anas, a hotel employee. “We have reported to the nearest police station in Banten, but we got no response,” said Paul as translated by Selvy, the owner of Wisma Abu Pension at Jalan Mayor Oking in Bogor, where Paul and Cherrill are currently staying.

As a result of the attack, Paul still feels dizzy and his head wound is still bleeding. That is why this Dutch citizen decided to go for a medical check at the PMI Hospital when he returned to Bogor last Thursday.

Selvy admitted that Paul had asked her to accompany him to file a complaint at the police station. Selvy hosted the tourist couple before they continued their travel to Serang. “They stayed at Wisma Abu Pension last Monday and the next day, they went to Serang and stayed at Hotel Carita Baka-Baka,” said Selvy.

Bogor City Police recorded the incident took place outside of their jurisdiction. “We only ask for their identities and chronologies for our record just in case a similar complaint is filed.” said Chief Brigadier Budi Setiawan, from Polres Bogor Kota Help Center.

Source: Tempointeractive

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