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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Is it possible to get lost in Java?

Yes, it is possible according to the author of "Getting Lost" series of the New York Times Travel, Matt Gross.

This is what he means, in his own words: "It lay, as most wonderful things in Asian cities do, down a narrow lane — this one near the town center, across from the squall of a bird market. At first, I didn’t realize what I’d found. It seemed like a tidy middle-class neighborhood, some houses gaily painted in yellows and greens, others with a kind of Arizona desert-chic design. A bakery called Mega Aussie sold sweet rolls, and in the midmorning light people were stretching laundry to dry. Then I stopped in my tracks and listened. This was odd: The tinnitic buzz of Honda scooters had fallen away, as had the honking of truck horns, the calls of noodle vendors, and the general bustle of Malang’s 800,000 people. All that was left was silence.

Silence! In my urban Asian experience, peace and quiet were as rare as white elephants, and yet here I’d found them — and on Java, no less, the world’s most heavily populated island. Some 136 million people live in a place the size of Florida, occupying every conceivable corner, from city slums to the perilous slopes of 44 volcanoes. And still, somehow, there was room for silence. Why hadn’t I heard about this before?"

Read his fascinating full story here

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