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Monday, June 13, 2011

1000 Tifa echo beats to enliven Lake Sentani Festival

The grand feast of the people and the Jayapura administration, Papua, namely the fourth Lake Sentani Festival 2011, will be enlivened by the beating of 1000 tifas, called tifa echo of life attraction.

Cultural attraction coordinator Theo Epese said here Monday said that 1000 tifa beats at the 4th FDS 2011 is a symbol of the identity of Papuans, especially those living around Lake Sentani region in raising their working enthusiasm to improve their welfare.

"There are tifas for life, prosperity and peace. For the 4th FDS 4th, there is tifa for life, " he said.

For a successful tifa beat, the committee has collected 1000 tifas from each village around Lake Sentani that will sounded by 1000 drummers.

According to Theo, the feast lasts three weeks so that the opening of 4th FDS 2011 will opened with different nuances from last year`s. Therefore, the feast will really amaze visitors as expected by the organizers, namely the regent of Jayapura Habel Melkias Suwae.

Besides the beat of 1000 tifas, a variety of cultural attractions will enliven the cultural even, which will include flute and drum competitions, exhibitions, ornamental boat races, rowing races, swimming competitions, Papua distinctive culinary and bark paintings.

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