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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Borobudur opens upper levels to visitors

The management of the country's largest Buddhist temple, Borobudur, says it has completed the restoration work of the upper three levels of the temple in Magelang, Central Java. The levels were open to visitors on Thursday.
The temple had been closed since October last year for cleaning following the eruption of the nearby Mount Merapi, which resulted in the temple being covered with a layer of volcanic ash up to 3.5 centimeters thick.
“We can only accommodate 73 to 82 visitors [in the upper levels],” Borobudur Conservation Agency head Marsis Sutopo said Thursday as quoted by
A director of PT Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan and Ratu Boko, Retno Hadiasiwi, voiced optimism that the opening of the upper levels would increase the number of tourists visiting the temple.

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