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Friday, September 23, 2011

Indonesia's tourism ambassador to perform Mandau Dance

Indonesia’s Tourism ambassador 2010 Alessandra Khadijah Usman, who will represent Indonesia at the 2011 Miss Asia-Pacific World Competition in South Korea on Saturday, will perform the Dayak tribe Mandau Dance.
She had begun preparations to perform the Mandau Dance, which she learned at the Central Kalimantan pavilion at the Indonesia Miniature Park (TMII) in East Jakarta a few months before the event. The dance will become a primary part of her talent show.
She will also wear various Indonesian traditional costumes, such as exotic Batik patterns combining themes from Solo and Bali as well as Batik from Parang Kencana and other clothes from the Delami Group.
“This is the first event where I represent Indonesia. This is a real challenge because this competition does not only measure our beauty, but also talent and other skills,” she said Friday as quoted by

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