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Monday, October 3, 2011

August Foreign Tourist Arrivals rose by 5.89 per cent

The number of foreign tourist arrivals in August rose by 5.89 per cent to 621,100 people year-on-year, China's news agency Xinhua quoted the Statistic Bureau as announcing here on Monday.

In Bali, the centre of Indonesia's tourist industry, the number of foreign tourist arrivals rose by 3.90 per cent to 243,200 people year-on-year, Djamal, S.E. deputy of distribution of the bureau, told a press conference here.

The cumulative total of foreign holidaymakers as at July, 2011 was 4.96 million people or 7.32 per cent higher than that at the same period in 2010, he said.

Although the recent terrorist strike in Central Java is not considered to have had a significant impact on the country's tourism industry, the gloomy global economy is forecast to possibly hit the country's tourism industry, Tourism Minister Jero Wacik has said.

Indonesia expects 7.7 million foreign tourist arrivals this year after over 7 million foreign tourists coming into the country last year, according to the tourism ministry.

Indonesia's exports are relatively small contributing just 32 per cent of the GDP, but its Asian peers' exports are much higher.

The slowing of their exports to Europe and the United States may harm their economy. Indonesia's economy survived the economic crisis in 2008-2009 by registering 4.5 per cent growth, the third highest after China and India, while other Asian countries suffered from strong contraction.

The government expects US$8.4 billion in tourists' spending this year, up from US$7.6 billion dollar last year.

The Indonesian tourism industry has recovered from the impact of terrorism, and epidemics.

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