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Friday, January 6, 2012

Jakarta Biennale Exhibit Challenges Perceptions

Spectators stare at a red, circular statue standing on two stubby legs, with dozens of hands reaching out from the surface of the sphere, each pointing a revolver. No direction is out of the statue’s aim, and as visitors pass by, the red orb seems to be drawing its weapon on them.

The artwork is titled “Total Survival,” a piece by Deni Rahman who said he wanted to criticize the culture of violence in Indonesia. Deni, a mixed media Yogyakarta-based artist, is one of more than 30 participants in the “Game, Leisure and Gadget Victims” exhibition at Central Park mall in West Jakarta.

The exhibition is part of the Jakarta Biennale XIV, the largest, most ambitious and spread out art show in the capital, which kicked off on Dec. 15. The Biennale is an attempt to bring avant-garde artwork to the doorsteps of Jakartans rather than limiting the pieces to museums or galleries. “We want to introduce contemporary art to the public,” curator Seno Joko Suyono said.

Another piece lurking in the Central Park mall is a mannequin of a beautiful girl wearing pink gloves and a paper hat with the word “Heaven.” Dozens of infusion bottles are also attached to the girl’s hands, in an installation piece called “Superego Trendy Fashion” by Rocka Radipa.

Game, Leisure and Gadget Victim
Until Jan. 15
Central Park mall,
West Jakarta

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