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Monday, February 13, 2012

In Bandung, Chocolate With a Bite of Luxury

It wouldn’t be a proper Valentine’s Day without chocolate, as chocolatiers all over the world know. In Bandung, two cacao crafters have been hard at work to create the sweetest, most creative offerings for lovers in search of the perfect treat this holiday.

Chocolatier Kiki Gumelar, who sells his Chocodot brand of sweets, came up with a package called Tekanan Batin Cinta (Love Under Mental Pressure), or TBC, for Valentine’s Day this year. The package includes five fun varieties: coklat gawat darurat (emergency chocolate), coklat anti galau (anti-mellow chocolate), coklat tolak miskin (poor-repellent chocolate), coklat badai tsunami (tsunami wave chocolate) and coklat sesuwatu banged (chocolate for something meaningful).

“Our flavors represent the feelings that people experience when they’re in love,” Kiki said.

Valentine’s Day is also a special occasion for chocolatier Adisty Halim, 25, the owner of Dhestchza chocolate products.

Adisty started her chocolate business in Bandung after graduating from high school, and today she specializes in unique, artistic chocolates. She sells everything from chocolate bars to 3D creations, and she invites people to place custom orders on Valentine’s Day with no additional charge.

“Customers can request special designs and even flavors for Valentine’s Day gifts,” she said, adding that the most difficult orders last year were for a 3D chocolate violin and piano.

“Since we didn’t have the molds, we had to make them [the molds] first,” she said. “But we didn’t charge the customers for the extra work and cost. We only charged them for the amount of chocolate used for the designs.”

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