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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Festival Teluk Jailolo 2012

In the 16th century, the Portuguese troops was fortunate to arrived in the land of Ternate, which they called “The Land of Spice”. Their fortune was arguably better than Christopher Columbus, even he was set the sail for the same target: to find the spice island. Later he was lost and found his way to discover the America.

Clove and nutmeg they were looking for in a journey that took the half of the world then became a reality in front of their eyes. At that time, rapid demand for the clove and nutmeg made spices once became the most valuable and most expensive commodity in Europe with the value exceeding the gold. Because of those valuable spices, the Festival Teluk Jailolo 2012 (Jailolo Gulf Festival) main theme this year is The Amazing of Golden Spice Island, where the existence of the spice was allegedly ‘to make people live forever’ is only possessed by our country, particularly in the areas of North Moluccas.

Halmahera, May 14 - May 19, 2012
Map: http://festivaltelukjailolo.com/en/about
Website: http://festivaltelukjailolo.com/en

Here are some of the events:

May 18: Traditional Culinary Party 
Bring in yourself and sharpen all of your senses, because only one thing that you must do during this event is; having fun! Come mingle and socialize with friendly local people and make yourself participate on the grilling 10 tons of fish on that will be held on the second day of the festival! Forget your diet for a while and enjoy! Your tounge and stomach wouldn’t stop pampered on this cultural party. The Sosodu Horom is too attractive to be missed. All various combinations of delicious food and traditional rituals at a local traditional house is one of excitement that you can’t find in your town. Blend and fuse into one with the people and local community, feel the culturewisdom and its local flavor is such a priceless experiences.

May 19: Spice Parade
The Spice Parade or Parade Rempah in the Indonesian language is a series of events of Spice Adventure on Festival Teluk Jailolo 2012. The most alluring part of this event is witness a hundreds of spice farmers around the region of West Halmahera with their traditional dress, gather together at the one big enormous parade along with spectacular display of spices, nature’s gift that become their main source of income. Culinary lovers? Get ready, because all of the traditional dishes made with spices ingredients will be show off and ready to eat!

May 19: Cabaret on the Sea
Cabaret on The Sea is a contemporary performing art that combines elements of traditional dance, music, drama and dynamic choreography based on the Jailolo society and culture and one of the most integral part of the Festival Teluk Jailolo (Jailolo Gulf Festival). Since its first appearance, Cabaret on The Sea practically became the icon and the culmination of Festival Teluk Jailolo in the next subsequent years.

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