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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reasons to Visit Waterbom Bali

Reasons to Visit Waterbom Bali
Recent trips included shopping in Dublin, experiencing the nightlife in London and even travelling through and experiencing Japan. Indonesia however, offered something completely different – here are some of the tours any visitor would certainly enjoy.

Waterbom is a water park set in a tropical paradise. It is located in Bali, which is located in the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia. When it comes to water parks, the location, themes and excitement of Waterbom cannot be beat. The park is filled with leisurely activities while surrounded by a beautiful tropical landscape. This is an oasis of fun, entertainment, relaxation and beauty.

Family Fun
Waterbom Bali has ten amazing water rides of all excitement levels. Take a leisurely ride with small children or whip down steep waterslides with adults and teens. There are also rides that are in-between for those who want excitement and relaxation from their rides. Families can lounge around, dine and relax while enjoying landscaping that never lets visitors forget they are in Indonesia. There are also pools, temporary tattooing, shops and an area especially designed for use by children.

Adult Fun
Unlike many water parks, Waterbom Bali can be a romantic getaway or a trip for adults on vacation. It is not just for families. There is a sunken pool next to a bar, reflexology treatments and even a spa. Couples can catch a snuggle and a snooze in a cabana or enjoy some of the exciting rides outside of the kiddie park. Whether your ideal vacation is acting like a kid again without the responsibility of kids or relaxing away the stresses of everyday life, Waterbom Bali can handle your needs.

The Atmosphere
Bali is a place of beauty and wonder. Every nook and cranny of Waterbom Bali reflects that atmosphere. Everywhere guests turn, there are tropical plants, landscaped gardens and cabanas in the shade of tropical trees. Water flows everywhere and lush green is inescapable. The weather is warm, sunny and conducive to a perfect water park experience.

Indonesia is a long way away for many travelers. Luckily, Bali itself is a must-see destination. Waterbom can fill several days with fun and relaxation. The surrounding area can fill a vacation of any length. Temples set in a tropical backdrop, beaches that are beyond compare and exchange rates that will make visitors from almost any country pleased with how far their money goes. This is Bali.

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