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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tourism in Papua topic at Venlo Floriade Expo 2012

Tourism in Papua Province is the Topic of Business Forum Papua on May 2012 in Floriade.

Tourism potential of this province in Indonesia is almost perfect. Forest, plantations, agriculture, fisheries, mining is a part of Papua Province.

Raja Ampat has only recently been discovered by scientist as having the world's richest reef system and Possibly holding the richest variety of species in the world's and Papua has abundant amount of fish. Even today, the area is still the least explored dive areas in the world. Marine environment, including huge schools of fish, tiny seahorse, and rich coral formations.

There will also be art and cultural performances at the event.

You will see Anirey Dance, Weru Dance, Nuwath Ran Kuri Dan Pasai Dance and Munara Tifa Dance, War Dance, Sajojo Dance, Yamko Rambe Yamko Dance, Suanggi Dance And others at Indonesia Pavilion on May. It is Amazing dance from Papua.

Floriade 2012 World Horticultural Expo, Venlo - The Netherlands 
5 April to 7 October 2012

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  1. this place has its own identity in respect of culture and nature, different kinds of dance means having different human culture according to place. superb place for tourism.


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