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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wakatobi to build luxury tourist ship special dock

The local administration of Wakatobi district, Southeast Sulawesi province will build a special dock or marina to serve tourists who want to come with their luxury boats to the world`s tourist destination.

"The tourists who have visited Wakatobi always complained about unavailability of a marina," the head of Tourism and Creative Economic Industries of Wakatobi, Tawakal said here Friday.

According to Tawakal the unavailability of marina facilities in the area of the island is one of the factors causing the lack of tourists` interest especially divers who want to bring their own boats for visiting Wakatobi.

The tourists who visited Wakatobi were only when there were yacht convoys during Sail Indonesia conducted in every August to October.

"While they were in Wakatobi, the owner of the ship just anchored their ship in the sea, not far from the coast because special docks port facility for luxury ship were not yet available," Tawakal said.

According to Tawakal, the presence of the marina in Wakatobi would bring substantial benefits to the local administration and the people of Wakatobi because in addition to increasing the number of tourists who bring their own boats, it can also increase the local income through marina dock rentals.

"Rent can be calculated per day," he said.

Tawakal said the Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy in 2012-2014 is supporting the administration of Wakatobi district to attract tourists visiting the place.(Antara)

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