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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jakarta to develop ‘Kota Tua’

The Jakarta Administration has urged foreign and domestic investors to turn their attention to Kota Tua or Old Town quarter in West and North Jakarta, saying that it currently plans to transform the area into a commercial hub.

The Jakarta Construction Supervision and Enforcement Agency (P2B) head, I Putu Ngurah Indiana, has confirmed that his agency is currently looking to potential investors to develop Kota Tua into a commercial area that will offer tourists a historical and distinctive ambience.

“The development is subject to conditions, however, because we will not allow [the developers] to change the buildings’ structures,” he said on Monday, adding that the Jakarta Administration classified most buildings in the area into category A, meaning that they belonged to historical heritage and that any renovation should retain the original designs.

Putu said that the development of Kota Tua would render massive boon for the city’s economy.

“We plan to increase economic activities in the area, so the buildings there will function more than just as ‘museums’,” said Putu. “Investors can establish cafés, restaurants or stores – basically anything as long as [they] are committed to retaining the historical values of the buildings.”

Kota Tua, once known as Oud Batavia in reference to the capital’s moniker in Dutch, was a center of commerce for the whole island of Java during the colonial era.

Today the area is popular among the capital's sightseers, as it hosts many historical buildings boasting Dutch-style façades and classic architectural designs (Jakarta Post)

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