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Monday, July 2, 2012

Borobudur enjoys 100 percent increase of visitors

Borobudur temple enjoyed an unprecedented percent increase in the number of visitors during the last school holiday, with numbers rising from 5,000 visitors to 10,000 tourists during the weekdays, said a tourism official here on Monday.

"The number of visitors during this school holiday doubled from those on weekdays, although the number fluctuated with most (tourists) visiting on the weekends," claimed the Head of Borobudur Tourism Park, Pujo Suwarno.

He said most visitors during the holiday season were organized by the schools, both in and outside Java.

"It (the influx) is dominated by tourists from Central Java, West Java and East Java. But, there are also groups of students coming from Sumatera and Sulawesi," he added. Student groups visited Borobudur from Lampung and Bengkulu on the Sumatera Island, while others visited from Makassar on the Sulawesi Island.

Pujo said that the Borobudur Tourism Park organized an art performance on the yard of the temple during the holiday season. The number of visits by foreign tourists to Borobudur in 2012, also increased from those in 2010 according to the official. As per the records, foreign visitors from Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia, France and Russia frequented Borobudur the most.

"In the last five months, Russian tourists were among the five biggest visitors to Borobudur. Russians obviously love to travel here and this can be our chance to promote Borobudur temple to their country," he remarked.(Antara)

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