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Friday, August 10, 2012

Mandala flies Jakarta Bangkok route now

From August 10, Indonesian airline Mandala Airlines starts to fly daily from Jakarta to Bangkok and return.

The Jakarta-based low-cost carrier (LCC) Mandala Airlines (RI) went into bankruptcy in early 2011 and it took a year to rebuild the airline and find new investors.
The airline was finally rescued earlier this year with Indonesian investment group Saratoga taking a majority of 51.3% in the new Mandala capital while its Singaporean partner is the airline Tiger Airways, which holds a minority 33% stake.
The remaining 15.7% is held by the carrier’s original shareholders and creditors.
 Mandala Airlines is back on its feet and is aggressively launching new routes and frequencies on its nascent international network.

The first destinations served internationally were to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Bangkok is becoming the carrier’s third international destination after, the Indonesian carrier said in a statement.

On the domestic front, Mandala serves currently only one route Jakarta-Medan with two daily flights.

 According to Mandala, the number of Indonesians travelling overseas has increased to 7 million in 2011 compared to 5.1 million year-over-year.

As Indonesia is one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia with an annual growth rate of just over 6%, this rate of growth is “expected to continue in 2012,” according to RI.

 Mandala has currently three Airbus A320 but is due to add another seven aircraft, building its fleet to 10 aircraft by next year. Flights could then be resumed to Hong Kong or eventually Macay that Mandala used to fly before being declared bankrupt. (Traveldailynews)

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