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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ubud Bali to host Indonesian coffee festival

Bali is to host the Indonesian Coffee Festival in Ubud on Sept. 15 to 16 this year to better promote Indonesian coffee and make the country a coffee hub for the world.

Tourism and Creative Economy Deputy Minister Sapta Nirwandar said that the festival would be one of the most important tourist events of 2012 as the ministry was currently developing culinary tourism.

“Cuisine, including coffee, is strongly related to tourism, and Indonesian coffee is among the best in the world. Thus, we want more people to know our coffee better by conducting this festival,” Sapta told reporters in Jakarta on Tuesday.

“We also want to make kopi tubruk [ground coffee beans served with scalding hot water] and kopi luwak [civet coffee] more popular through the festival.”

Tuti Mochtar, a member of the festival committee, who is also a coffee producer, said there would be 40 booths in the festival serving all kinds of coffee varieties from across the country from Aceh to Papua.

In addition, she said the festival would be a place for coffee farmers, coffee producers, the Indonesian chamber of commerce and industry (Kadin) and some of the world’s best coffee distributors to meet.

“This is a good promotional tool for our coffee and we believe the event will be successful,” she said.

She said the people who came to the festival could participate in coffee and barista workshops.

“We will also have an agricultural tourism program by visiting a coffee plantation in Ubud,” she added.(Jakarta Post)


  1. Nobody in my family will go to Indonesia, or buy anything from there, until your government eradicates the torture of civets in the production of kopi luwak coffee. It is not enough to say something is being done; you must be seen to be doing something constructive and life-changing for the civet.

  2. Hi, kopi luwak is extracted from the civet's poop droppings. Where is the torture?

  3. in indonesia civets area being caught and kept in tiny cages and force-fed nothing but coffee -


    i wouldn't be able to enjoy a cup of that coffee after seeing the picture of a civet mother, separated from her infants, with open wounds/sores on her head.

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