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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yogyakarta hosts 5th ASEM Culture Minister's Meeting

More than 120 delegates from 35 countries in Asia and Europe are taking part in the 5th Asia-Europe (ASEM) Culture Minister's Meeting, “Managing Heritage Cities For Sustainable Future” from Sept. 16 to 20 in Yogyakarta.

“Indonesia has been chosen to host the event because it has sufficient infrastructure of and a rich, unique cultures ,” deputy education and culture minister Wiendu Nuryanti said after the opening ceremony of the event on Monday in Yogyakarta.

“Yogyakarta was chosen because it is the capital city of Batik,” she added.

The previous event was conducted in Poland.

Wiendu said the meeting would become a bridge of cultural relations between Asian and European countries.

The meeting would result in recommendations related to cultural reservation for participating countries.

Philippines' deputy culture minister, Emelita C. Almosara, added that museum empowerment is also important in the preservation of culture.

“The existence of museums, supported by local wisdom and government involvement, is important to preserve culture during the wave of globalization,” Almosara said. (Jakarta Post)

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