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Friday, September 21, 2012

Yogyakarta museums holds Malioboro carnival

Around 35 museums in Yogyakarta are scheduled to join a carnival in the city's most famous street, Jl. Malioboro, on Sunday, in hopes of attracting more future visitors.

“We’re holding this event to promote these museums to society,” said KRT Thomas Haryonagoro, a member of the carnival's organizing committee.

Thomas said that each participating museum would decorate a carriage with a specific theme. He said that Museum Keraton Ngayogyakarta would present a carriage decorated with ornaments depicting historical objects from the Yogyakarta palace.

“No cars or motorcycles will be allowed on Jl. Malioboro during the two-hour carnival”, said Sudarno, the organizing committee's chairman.

According to Sudarno, the museums and various educational institutions will also host an exhibition in the Yogyakarta Palace Hall.

During the exhibition, which will be conducted on the same day, the organizing committee will hold traditional game competitions and various workshops.

“We should encourage more people to visit museums through creative ideas, including using the Internet or school visits. We cannot rely solely on the Culture and Tourism Agency’s promotion,” said Bahrudin, another member of the organizing committee.(Jakarta Post)

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