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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bali Fine Dining With a Postcard-Perfect View

Chef Chris Salans, the mastermind behind Bali’s Mozaic restaurant in Ubud — widely credited as one of the best not only on the island, but in the whole of Asia — recently opened a new venue, the Mozaic Beach Club. 

Located in Seminyak, just a few steps away from Batubelig Beach, the venue caters to those who seek a relaxed and laid-back pool atmosphere, as well as those who enjoy a fine dining experience. 

Mozaic Beach Club on its ground level houses a pool and on-deck tapas, a light lunch and afternoon snacks. Day beds, sun lounges and a pool-side bar make for a cozy atmosphere and a pleasant spot to watch the sunset while enjoying a chilled drink. 

The showpiece of Mozaic Beach Club is the dining room located on the first floor. The interior is chic and elegant, yet not over the top, and the fresh sea breeze that comes in through the open doors is exactly how one imagines a beachfront restaurant to be. 

Cooking in the kitchen here is not Salans, but James Ephrain, who started his culinary career in his native England at the renowned Grosvenor Hotel, before venturing out to New Zealand, Spain and eventually landing in Bali. 

Reservations for the restaurant on the weekend are necessary, as Mozaic Beach Club has been among the most sought-after new places to dine since its opening in July. 

It’s also not a bad idea to come early, to enjoy the last rays of sun while having an aperitif. The green pandan martini makes an excellent choice — it is refreshing and tastes like the popular “kue lapis,” only served in liquid form. 

Those who have remained immune to the controversy about foie gras — animal rights activists have protested against the force-feeding of birds with more food they would normally eat voluntarily, thus resulting in the buttery consistency of the liver — should try Mozaic’s version of the dish: crispy duck foie gras. 

It is, to put it simply, a dish to die for, and one of the highlights of the entire menu. It is also a great way to start the meal. The soft texture of the liver is complemented perfectly by the lemon puree and a touch of honey. And yet, on the whole, the foie gras is light enough to leave the diners with an appetite for more. 

There is a variety of main courses, and visitors might want to share a few dishes as to be able to get a full taste of the Mozaic cuisine. (Jakarta Globe)

Mozaic Beach Club 
Jl. Pantai Batu Belig, 
Kerobokan, Bali
Tel. 0361 473 5796

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