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Monday, October 29, 2012

Number of domestic tourists to Raja Ampat increases

The number of domestic tourists visiting Raja Ampat in West Papua, has increased for the past two years. 

"The number of domestic tourists continued to increase during the last two years in addition to an increasing number of foreign tourists," Head of Raja Ampat Education and Tourism Service Yusdi Lamatenggo said here on Monday during the promotion of West Papua tourist destinations.

He stated the increasing number of visitors was probably caused by improving access to Raja Ampat from several regions across the country. 

"Now there is a lot of flight services either direct or indirect daily from several big cities in the country, such as Jakarta and Denpasar," he said.

Lamatenggo said fares are now also more affordable because many airline companies have opened flight services there except Garuda Indonesia.

Moreover, he added, a lot of young executives who love diving have come to Raja Ampat which is one of the best diving spots in country. 

"They came from several big cities in country, such as Jakarta, Surabaya and Manado," he said.

Based on the data of Raja Ampat Education and Tourism Service, the number of domestic tourists has increased. In 2011, as many as 1.489 tourists visited Raja Ampat, increasing from 790 tourists in 2010.

Meanwhile, foreign tourists still dominate the tourists there, especially from European countries, such as England, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. The number of foreign visitors reached 6.1789 in 2011.

"Visitors need not worry about accommodation because there are seven resort areas, 11 motels and 36 residents` houses as homestays," he said. (Antara)

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