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Friday, October 12, 2012

Wakatobi to develop its capital "green" city

The Wakatobi Administration of South East Sulawesi is to develop its Capital, Wangiwangi, a "green" city as the District of Wakatobi has been declared by UNESCO one of world`s biosphere reserves.

"As a newly developing city, Wangiwangi is not too complicated to be developed as a `green` city," Head of Information and Communication of The Transportation and Telecommunication Office of Wakatobi La Ode Ifi said here, Friday.

The administration was fully supported by the Green City Development Program (P2KH) of the Public Works Ministry, La Ode said.

The Ministry has allocated some funds and proposed an ideal concept of green city development to the local administration.

"Every building, public or private ones, should provide at least 40 percent of its land for open green space," La Ode said adding that the green space is to be planted some shade trees and those who have economic values.

"To maintain Wangiwangi`s state as a green city, the Wakatobi Administration will issue Regional Regulation to manage building placement in Wangiwangi," La Ode said.

The local administration hoped that the local people and all stakeholders in the District support the green city development plan.

"The green city development is relevant to UNESCO`s program, which aims to maintain preservation and continuity of the environment," La Ode said. (Antara)

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