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Monday, December 17, 2012

Organic Luwak coffee promoted by foreign tourists

Organic luwak coffee produced by businessmen in Agam District, West Sumatra province has attracted consumers in the global market.

"By promoting the organic luwak coffee to foreign tourists who come to see raflessia flower here, this coffee has indirectly been promoted to the global market, including Asia, Europe, US and Australia," organic luwak coffee businessman Umul Khairi said here on Sunday. 

He said that the organic coffee named "Rafflesia Luwak Coffee" is produced by wild civets which are believed to be able to produce more enzyme than grounded civets.

"Moreover, we use wild civets to maintain the ecosystem as well as the civet population in the wildlife," he said. 

"To keep the originality of the coffee, I only buy coffee beans from farmers whom I really know," he noted.

"We processed arabica coffee since this kind of coffee is suitable for West Sumatra climate," he said.

Khairil stated he only processed 40 kilograms of organic coffee beans per month. 

Meanwhile, the production of coffee powder only reach about 10-15 kilograms per month. 

"Since the processing is quite difficult, the price of luwak coffee reached Rp200,000 per kilogram." Kjairil said.

He added that the organic luwak coffee is mostly ordered by domestic and foreign tourists who had visited the raflessia flower park. (Antara)

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