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Friday, December 28, 2012

Surakarta culinary district has new look

Surakarta (Solo) is ready to attract even more tourists having spruced up its famous nighttime culinary district. The newly renovated Gladak Langen Bogan (Galabo) on Jl. Mayor Sunaryo also promises friendly prices.
The eateries center, south of Vastenburg fortress, reopened on Thursday evening after renovations.
"Galabo has a new look," Surakarta Regional Executive Technical Unit (UPTD) head Agus Sisworiyanto said as quoted by
The area is looking decent now, with canopies to protect visitors from downpours, steel pillars with a touch of traditional style.
Food enthusiasts may taste Surakarta’s signature dishes such as thengkleng klewer (goat curry on the bone), gudeg ceker (jackfruit curry with chicken feet),wedang ronde (hot ginger drink with peanuts and rice-flour balls) and many more. To entertain the guests there is live music and other art performances.
Agus promised that street musicians and beggars wouldn’t be allowed in the area, adding that all attendants will wear uniforms and prices will be fixed on the menu.
Galabo was opened in 2010. At that time, around 80 food hawkers gathered on the 300-meter compound at night. Countless visitors have flocked to the center since then.
However, the increase in the number of visitors was not accompanied by proper maintenance, causing people to find other places to grab a meal. Many residents had also complained about the unpredictable prices set by the attendants. (Jakarta Post)

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