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Friday, February 1, 2013

Foreign tourist arrivals in Bali up by 4.3 percent

The number of foreign tourists that visited Bali last year totaled 2,949,332, a rise of 4.3 percent compared to the previous year.
Head of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in Bali, Gde Suarsa, said on Friday that Bali was still seeing an upward trend of domestic and foreign tourist arrivals.
During the peak season in December last year, 268,072 foreign tourists visited Bali, 264,366 of whom entered through Ngurah Rai International Airport, with the remainder arriving at seaports.
This number was 10.42 percent higher compared with November, and an increase of 5.71 percent from December 2011.
The five top countries of origin supplying tourists to Bali last year were Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea, respectively contributing 27.12 percent, 10.75 percent, 6.40 percent, 5.75 percent and 4.18 percent to the total number of tourist arrivals.
“This year’s growth could be even higher, considering that Bali will be hosting some major events, like the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit,” Suarsa said.
The average occupancy rate at starred hotels during December reached 63.2 percent, with the average length of stay being 3.23 days.
The average occupancy rate at non-starred hotels during December was 34.1 percent, with an average length of stay of 2.47 days. (Jakarta Post)

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