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Monday, June 17, 2013

Pasar Baru to Get More Tourists and Parking

The provincial administration will list Pasar Baru in Central Jakarta as an official tourism destination because the area offers good shopping opportunities.
Traditionally Pasar Baru has been the Indian area of Jakarta, with many settlers there starting textile companies. The area is home to the well-regarded Gedung Kesenian concert hall and a variety of sketch artists and caricaturists.
Deputy Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama said Pasar Baru could become a tourism destination for shoppers seeking low-end products. He said the quality and prices of goods sold there matched that of neighboring districts.
“There are local products, at the very least. People can shop in Pasar Baru and bargain. It also has a nice ambiance,” Basuki said at City Hall on Monday.
To improve Pasar Baru the city administration will implement a new parking system in the area.
“We have included [Pasar Baru] as a tourism destination and we will be regulating the parking system there using the metered parking scheme,” Basuki said.
The deputy governor said the government will team up with the private sector to install the devices needed for this new parking scheme. The administration is preparing documents prior to conducting a tender to select a company to install the equipment.
If the parking scheme proves successful Basuki said he hoped to roll out the project in other parts of the city. (Jakarta Globe)

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