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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Garuda launches "Visit Indonesia Pass"

PT Garuda Indonesia has launched a new “VIP Visit Indonesia Pass” recently, aiming at attract more tourists to use domestic routes to explore the islands of Indonesia. Marketing Director of PT Garuda Indonesia, Fan Wenqing introduced that visitors who buy return tickets from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Osaka and Seoul to Jakarta through Garuda’s domestic office or ticket agents can benefit from a maximum 70% discount on domestic flight routes (e.g. Jakarta – Bali – Yogyakarta – Jakarta). 

Fan Wenqing said that besides Bali, many islands in Indonesia are also worth a visit. Yogyakarta, for example, has clear and beautiful sea-sights with lower accommodation prices, and it also owns world-famous cultural heritage such as Borobudur, Prambanan Temple. However, majority of the outbound tourists are coming from Europa and America and very few Chinese tourists has experienced those fabulous destinations. “Therefore,” he said, “I hope more Chinese tourists could use the ‘Visit Indonesia Pass’ to explore different kind of beauties in Indonesia.”

PT Garuda Indonesia’s new Chinese website has officially launched this month. In the past, there was only limited information on their Chinese website, yet tourists were unable to purchase tickets online. However, the new version this time puts more emphasis on Chinese market, offering sufficient promotion information based on Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and also enables online purchase through cooperation with Aliply. 

In addition to the award-winning Economy space, Garuda also add first class option to their passengers. Fan Wenqing indicated that in order to further expand the high-end market, Garuda put first-class space into use this year on their new aircraft models Boeing 777-300ER which offers fully flat seats, clothing and electronic equipment lockers and a new inflight entertainment system available for high-end customers, aiming at providing a more comfortable journey. He added that at present, the two Boeing 777 aircrafts were used for medium to long international routes, but the company would consider whether to put them into Shanghai – Jakarta flight at the end of this year. (TravelDailyNewsAsia)

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