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Friday, July 5, 2013

More tourists find information about Indonesia from Internet

A senior official of the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry said most tourists visiting Indonesia found information about the country from Internet.

At least 61.8 percent of tourists visiting Indonesia decided to visit the country after having information from the Internet, Torang Nasution, head of the sub-directorate of development of tourist destinations, said.

"In 2012, we carried out a survey at Soekarno Hatta Airport of Jakarta interviewing foreign tourists on their way home to their countries after visiting various tourist objects in the country," Nasution said here. 

Therefore, the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry has for the past several years developed e-tourism, a concept utilizing information and communications technology to promote the country`s tourism wealth, he said. 

He said Internet-based tourism services are more effective than conventional method of promoting tourist objects in the country as based on a survey around 400 million grown up people in the world use on-line media mainly social network like facebooks and twitter.

"That is why we are set to develop a solid tourism with a system called destination management organization (DMO), which is based on technology," he said, adding, it is important to adopt DMO in tourism industry. 

He said the ministry, therefore, is seeking to socialize e-tourism to all business players in the tourism industry through workshop . 

In Mataram a workshop on e-tourism is being held attended by around 30 business players in the tourism industry. The participants are shown how to utilize website and blog to promote the regions` tourism object mainly Mount Rinjani climbing.

"Promotion of Mount Rinjani will attract more mountaineers and visitors to this region," Nasution said. (Antara)

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