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Friday, July 26, 2013

Top Jakarta Hotels Helping Muslims Break the Fast in Style

Eating is as important to Ramadan as abstaining from it.
While many people search for their favorite treats in markets or at the roadside, the city’s high-end restaurants and hotels are also catering to the needs of those observing the holy month by serving iftar fast-breaking events and later Idul Fitri banquets at the end of Ramadan.
The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta in Pacific Place and the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Mega Kuningan, both in South Jakarta, are showcasing Ramadan menus marking the fasting month with dishes from the Middle East and North Africa as well as Indonesian favorites.
Until Aug. 18, the Ritz-Carlton will host guest chefs Anwar Nasr from Lebanon and Aboubakr Touraf from Morocco, both based at the Ritz-Carlton in Doha, Qatar.
Those dining at the Ritz-Carlton can try special Middle Eastern dishes such as fattoush, a bread-salad combination, or kefta, meatballs prepared with Moroccan-style spices and herbs. The hotel’s culinary team is also preparing special sweets like milk pastillas with almonds, a traditional Moroccan phyllo dough pie.
For those who stay overnight at the Ritz-Carlton, there is also a buffet for sahur, the predawn meal ahead of a day of fasting. Spending the night is not required to partake in the iftar buffet.
The Ritz-Carlton offers private and corporate iftar banquet packages. For the buffet, adults pay Rp 308,000 ($30) and children pay Rp 168,000. Both prices exclude tax and service charges.
And for those who want to experience their Idul Fitri holiday at the Ritz-Carlton, special packages will be offered. From Friday until Aug. 18, the Ritz-Carlton offers a suite and sahur package from Rp 2.5 million.
The Marriott is also offering a Middle East-inspired menu for iftar banquets at the Sailendra restaurant in the Mega Kuningan hotel.
Until Aug. 7, the Marriott will serve Jordanian dishes buffet-style to hotel guests and restaurant patrons.
Swiss executive chef Daniel Kuser helped select the Jordanian-themed menu.
The buffet consists of several food stations replenished in small quantities to maintain freshness and match guests’ appetites.
Guests can return to the buffet as often as they like for Rp 358,000 for adults and
Rp 178,000 for children ages 3 to 12. Rates exclude tax and service charges.
Tajil, the often sweet food that breaks the fast, and free flow of non-alcoholic beverages are included in the price for the buffet.
Musical accompaniment and live entertainment by a marawis band top off the Ramadan dining experience at the Marriott.
Wherever you dine, celebrating Ramadan with friends and family is the main ingredient. (Jakarta Globe)

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