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Friday, October 25, 2013

Music and cultural festivities to welcome and support Jakarta Marathon 2013 participants

No less than 18 stages and a large variety of art and cultural performances have been prepared by the Provincial Government of Jakarta to greet and support the thousands of participants to the first ever Jakarta Marathon 2013 that will take place on Sunday, October 27, 2013 from early morning to high noon. Combining Sports and Tourism, Art and Culture, the event will truly turn the spotlight of the world on Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta.
The main stage of the cultural festival of the Jakarta Marathon 2013 placed at the National Monument (Monas) – the start and finish line of the Marathon - will present grand and spectacular shows of a variety of cultural forms from Jakarta and across Indonesia, that include a Colossal Marawis performance and the Palang Pintu from the indigenous Betawi of Jakarta , the Barongsai (Chinese Lion dance), the Reog Ponorogo of East Java, Jakarta’s Mask Dance (Topeng Betawi), Garuda Indonesia Flight Drum and Bugle Corps, Jakarnaval, Glitter Ondel-ondel, Abang None Theater, D’Geprax3 Percussion, Nusantara Dance, and performances from Indonesia’s popular Band Wali and the Titans band.
Aside from the main stage, other 17 stages will be placed at several spots along the route of the Marathon. These stages will feature many kinds of art performances among which are the South Sulawesi’s Pakanjara, Gondang Batak, Brass Ensemble, West Nusatenggara Beleq percussion, DJ Aib’s recycled wastes Percussions, Papuan Tifa, Urban Music, Balinese Bale Ganjur, Etno Universal Sound, Tanjidor, Strings Ensemble, West Sumatra’s Dol & Tasa, Dayak’s Music, Trumpets Ensemble, North Sumatra’s Kolintang, Imanisimo, Betawi’s Gambang Kromong, Sindikat Senar Putus, West Java’s Rampak Gendang, Arumba, Banten’s Rampak Bedug, Kalimantan’s Jepen Music, Kuntulan Banyuwangi, Tabot Bengkulu, and a whole lot more.
The 17 additional stages are located in front of the Mandarin Hotel, the Italian Cultural Center corner, in front of Plaza Festival, Jamsostek Tower Bus Shelter, Hotel Sultan Bus Shelter, in front of Gelora Bung Karno Basket Hall, Hang Tuah Park, in front of PLN Bulungan Building, Hang Tuah II Park, The Ministry of Education and Culture Bus Shelther, and several others.
Chairman of Jakarta Marathon 2013 explained that the cultural festival is an inseparable part of, and supporting the Jakarta Marathon 2013 and is specially designed to boost the promotion of Jakarta as a world class Sports Tourism Destination. The cultural festival also serves as a media to showcase the numerous and colorful art and cultural features from all over the archipelago to the international world.
Meanwhile, Deputy Director of Tourism and Culture of Jakarta, Sylvana Murni confirmed that: “The Cultural Festival of Jakarta Marathon 2013 is presented to bring the spotlight of the world on Jakarta which is not only the capital of Indonesia but also the cultural hub and a confluence of the diverse cultures from all over the archipelago.” She further added that Jakarta as Host of this international event of such huge magnitude is more than ready to welcome not only local, national, and international athletes, but also all visitors who will attend this special event.

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