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Monday, November 25, 2013

World Culture in Development Forum 2013 in Bali

All local, national, regional and international participants involved in Culture and Sustainable development are cordially invited to the inaugural World Culture in Development Forum to take place on the fabled island of Bali from 24th to 29th November 2013.
The World Culture in Development Forum (WCF) 2013 is the first in a planned series of annual international meetings in Bali that will bring together key stakeholders to discuss vital issues in culture and development. The Forum will be a seminal event led by a South-South and South-North engagement with deep philosophical, humanistic and holistic keynote and plenary sessions; workshops and seminars; critiques and round tables. Demonstration projects featuring case studies and best practices focusing on gender mainstreaming, intergenerational equity and interfaith dialogue will play a prominent role in all sessions.
The Forum will be hosted by none other than the President of Indonesia, Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who will welcome leaders from around 40 countries, as well as cultural Nobel Prize winners serving as keynote speakers in the conference.
In this Forum, Leading international agencies and critical thinkers notably Nobel Laureates will challenge participants on four seminal themes that will form the overarching framework of WCF 2013:
  • Culture, Freedom and Social Sustainability
  • Culture and Economic Sustainability
  • Cultural Convergence in a Global Context
  • Culture and Environmental Sustainability
Gender mainstreaming, active youth engagement and children of today and tomorrow will be the cross cutting themes woven across the entire Forum. A series of discussions, debates, performances and symposia will be programmed with the participation of experts and practitioners from across the world. An inspirational and leading edge cultural program will be part of the hospitality spectrum.

Aside from Conference, WCF will also feature a Festival of Cultural Films, an Art Olympiad, and People’s Carnival. The People’s Carnival will present representatives of some famous worldwide carnival events such as: the Neputa Matsuri (Festival) of Hirosaki from Japan, Burning Man Festival from USA, Aborigine Festivals from Australia, Pasadena Carnival from USA, Rio de Janeiro Carnival from Brazil, Onam Festival in Kerala (India), and the World’s Ramayana Festival (Thailand, Srilanka, India,Cambodia, Indonesia, etc).

From Indonesia will be presented the country's own most prominent carnivals such as: the Solo Batik Festival, Jember fashion Carnival, the Jogja Batik Carnival, Bali (Ogoh-ogoh) Carnival, Ponorogo Reog Festival, Dani Festival (Papua), and the Tomohon Flower Festival.
It is envisaged that the World Culture in development Forum will result in strategic initiatives to:
  • Promote knowledge communities for intercultural, intergenerational and interfaith dialogue
  • Further ethical investment and business practices for cultural industries
  • Establish clearing houses for people-centered projects and practices, emphasizing local knowledge systems
  • Develop conceptual frameworks informing the Post 2015 Development Agenda

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