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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lovely December Aims to Promote Toraja Culture

Head of the South Sulawesi Culture and Tourism Agency, Jufri Rahman, said the province's 'Lovely December' program this year is aimed at promoting Toraja's unique culture accompanied by a religious ambience.

One of the cultures highlighted this year will be Toraja's traditional games played amid the beauty of Christmas trees made from rice paddies. "Children will play bamboo musical instruments together in the day.

With this cultural performance, we intend to include Toraja as a world heritage as a culture that needs to be preserved and maintained," said Jufri.

To promote the beauty of Toraja's nature, Jufri said a bicycle race will be held with a route that passes through Toraja's many amazing sceneries. At night, the beauty of the region can be enjoyed while participating in a race.

The agency targets up to 6,000 tourists in this year's event. Lovely December will be held from December 7 to 28. The event is sponsored by the state with a funding of up to Rp300 million. (Tempo)

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