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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Idul Fitri holidaymakers flock to recreational centers

Mingling with foreign visitors from numerous countries, thousands of domestic tourists have been flocking to recreational centers since Monday to celebrate the 2014 Idul Fitri holidays.

Starting from Monday, the first day of Idul Fitri celebration, which is better known as Lebaran in Indonesia, recreational centers in Jakarta and Bandung were packed with a great multitude of visitors. 

Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park, which is better known as Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Ragunan Zoo, and Jaya Ancol Dreamland are the three favorite tourist attractions in Jakarta that have witnessed thousands of visitors since Monday.

"The number of visitors to Taman Mini during this years Lebaran holiday season has been forecast to increase by 10 percent compared to last year," its spokesman Suryandoro remarked here on Tuesday.

He noted that a total of 350 thousand people had visited Taman Mini during the holidays last year, and the number during the same period this year is expected to reach at least 400 thousand.

Suryandoro expressed optimism that the target of 400 thousand visitors can be achieved, as the Lebaran festivity coincides with school holiday. 

"The school holiday, which is in conjunction with the festivity, will contribute to an increase in the number of visitors to Taman Mini," he pointed out.

According to Suryandoro, during the holiday season this year, Taman Mini will be open from 7 am to 10 pm to attract as many visitors as possible.

He noted that particularly from July 28 to August 10, 2014, an entry ticket to Taman Mini will be raised from Rp10 thousand to Rp12 thousand. 

On Monday, the Ragunan Zoo in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, witnessed 16,166 visitors from 7 am to 1 pm, and the number continued to increase until late in the afternoon.

Ragunan Zoo public service spokesman Wahyudi Bambang said the number of visitors on Tuesday, or the second day of Lebaran holiday, is predicted to increase significantly.

"The number of tourists visiting Ragunan Zoo on Tuesday is estimated to reach hundreds of thousands of people," Bambang said, noting that the figure during the same period last year had reached 144 thousand.

He added that particularly for the Lebaran holidays this year, the Ragunan Zoo will remain open from 7 am to 5 pm, with entry ticket Rp3,500 for children and Rp4,500 for adults.

"Last year, the zoo had received 144 thousand visitors on the second day of Lebaran holidays, and this year the number is estimated to be even higher," Bambang said. 

Anticipating a large number of visitors, he noted that the zoo management has recruited 1,100 part-timers to provide the visitors with the best possible service.

"The zoo has 500 permanent employees, but to provide our best service to the large number of visitors during the festive season, we have recruited 1,100 part-timers," Bambang noted.

Ragunan Zoo is easily accessible through the Jakarta Outer Ring Road and Transjakarta Busway network.

The 140-hectare zoo is home to more than 270 species of animals, many of which are endangered and threatened, from all parts of Indonesia and the rest of the world, and 171 species of flora.

The Ancol Dreamland in North Jakarta was also packed with thousands of visitors on Monday and Tuesday to enjoy various attractions and entertainments it offered.

Ancol Corporate Communication Manager Metty Yan Harahap said the recreational center has prepared new facilities for visitors, such as ghost house, 4D film of "The Lost World," and Ocean Dream.

"In addition, Atlantis Water Adventure is available for the visitors to enjoy the mythological underwater world of Atlantis," Metty stated.

Its facilities include a wave pool, continuously flowing river pool, rainbow ball pool, waterfall pool, several slides, two childrens pools, five restaurants, and a food court that has food imported from India, Brazil, Spain, and Bangladesh. 

Metty explained that the Ancol Dreamland has improved its security service for the waves of tourists during this years holidays.

"Our security personnel will ensure security and safety for the visitors to enjoy numerous programs of attractions that we have made available," she added.

According to her, Ancol Dreamland is easily accessible by car, motorcycle, electric train, and TransJakarta Busway from different directions in Jakarta.

In the West Java provincial city of Bandung, thousands of people on Monday and Tuesday thronged numerous recreational parks in and around the city. 

"One of the recreational parks is the Bandung Zoo, which was flocked by thousands of visitors on Monday and Tuesday," the zoos public relations official, Sudaryo, remarked here on Tuesday.

He noted that during the ten days of the Idul Fitri holidays, the zoo is expected to attract at least 130 thousand visitors, with entry ticket Rp20 thousand per person and Rp500 as Red Cross donation.

Situated along the Tamansari Street near the campus of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), the Bandung Zoo is one of the most favorite places in the city among visitors.

"Therefore, we are ready with 130 thousand entry tickets, and if they are sold out in the ten days during the Lebaran festivities, the zoo will earn at least Rp2.6 billion," Sudaryo pointed out.

He further added that in order to attract the visitors, the zoo has a large aquarium, which houses several varieties of fish, including giant fishes from the Amazon River in South America. (Antara)

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