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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Eating out is big business in Indonesia, survey

A survey has unveiled that in 2103 Indonesians visited restaurants 380 million times and spent US$1.5 billion. 

The survey by, a Jakarta-based restaurant search and reservation site, indicated that eating out was big business in the archipelago. 

The trend, it said, was supported by the proliferation of middle- to upper-scale restaurants, which had risen by 250 percent over the past five years.  

A number of food and beverage groups such as Ismaya and Opco Indonesia continue to lure local customers with their array of contemporary eateries and food outlets. co-founder Steve Kim, said that nowadays people chose to eat in restaurants to socialize. 

"Our research shows that this phenomenon is part of social activities. More than half of customers ate in restaurants with their business partners, friends or family," Kim said as quoted by on Wednesday. 

He said that social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Path played an important role in supporting the trend because many shared their dining experiences through the platforms. (Jakarta Post)

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  1. Indonesia with a diverse culture, has a wide variety of specialties. each with unique characteristics and flavor, be a real treat for tourists, both local and foreign.
    Unfortunately, the typical food Indonesian food now difficult to compete with imported products. especially among young people more happy and proud when eating foreign food, which does have a more attractive packaging.
    It is time for a typical Indonesian food revived, especially to preserve the culture of Indonesia, as well as the attraction for foreign tourists.


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