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Monday, January 5, 2015

Indonesia surpasses 9.3 Million Tourist Arrivals 2014 target

This means that in 2014 the Tourism sector has contributed  US Dollars 10.69 billion in foreign exchange, 10.3 million are employed in the tourism sector, giving a share of  4.01 % to our Gross National Product (GDP). While Indonesia’s Tourism is ranked at no. 70 in the world according to the World Economic Forum.

Based on these achievements, therefore, the 2015  target of 10 million International arrivals and 254 domestic trips are within reach, said Minister Yahya.      

In detail, November arrivals to Indonesia nationwide actually experienced a decline of 5.32% year on year. Highest drop was felt at the airport of Manado,North Sulawesi at - 42.04% while lowest slide was experienced in Batam with -0.27%. While highest monthly growth was at Jakarta’s seaport of Tanjung Priok expanding 16.69%. 
Meanwhile from Bali it is reported that direct arrivals to Indonesia’s prime tourist destination experienced a hefty growth of 14.78%  reaching 3.41 million direct foreign arrivals, compared to 2.97 million the same period in 2013. These entered mostly by air but also by cruise ships, said Panusunan Siregar, Head of the Provincial National Statistics Board in Denpasar.

With a target of 2.9 million for 2014, this means that Bali has in fact already exceeded its annual target in 11 months.

Among the top ten markets to Bali: the 895,069 Australians made an 18.7% increase year on year, contributing 26.18% share of total direct arrivals to Bali during 11 months. This is followed by Chinese tourists numbering 539.371 a surge of 49.28% compared to 361,311 the same period the previous year. Third came Malaysians, up 14.8% reaching 198,133 from 172,487 in 2013 year on year. There were 195,541 Japanese, up 1.64%;  Singaporeans 155,892 pax, South Korea 132,218, French 121,471 and British 116,800. Visitors from Taiwan, the only declining market to Bali reached 106,850 while the United States contributed 100,414 tourists, said Panusunan Siregar. (

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