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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bengkulu`s conservation agency captures Sumatran tiger

The Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) of Bengkulu has captured the Sumatran tiger (Phantera tigris sumatrae) that had earlier attacked a local farmer.

The attack had taken place in Talang Beringin village in North Seluma sub-district, Seluma district, Bengkulu province.

"The officers managed to catch the tiger using traps placed around the local plantation area," Head of Area II of the Bengkulu BKSDA, Darwis Saragih, said here Thursday.

To curb the tiger-locals issue, the authority will transport the wild animal to Bengkulu district.

It took three days for the officers to track and catch the tiger.

It was reported earlier that 53-year-old Lisman, a local farmer, was attacked by a tiger at a rubber plantation located near Kumayan hamlet on Sunday (February 22).

The plantation where the attack took place is located at the border of Taman Buru Semindang Bukit Kabu, which is the natural habitat of Sumatran tigers.

Dozens of families of Kumayan hamlet fled their homes to Talang Beringin village in Seluma district of Bengkulu in fear of the wandering Sumatran tiger in their neighborhood (Antara)

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