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Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Natuna Marine Tourism Festival 2015

The seas surrounding the  Natuna archipelago  in the  Riau Islands Province will be thronged  by  yachts from many parts of the world,  as they sail from the Malaysian Peninsula to the northern part of Borneo Island. The yachts are participants in the Sail Anambas and  Natuna 2015. To highlight this sailing expedition, the Natuna Marine Tourism Festival 2015 has been arranged to be held  3  full days from 31st May to 2nd June 2015.

The Natuna and neighbouring  Anambas Archipelagos are Indonesia’s most northerly islands located right in the South China Sea,  between peninsular Malaysia and North Borneo.  Since they are rarely visited,  the islands offer pristine beaches and azure seas, some parts in actual fact, the habitat of the sought after Napoleon wrasse.

To welcome yachters, The Natuna Marine Tourism Festival 2015 will feature a number of exciting activities including competitions to test the skill to row the kolek and jongkok traditional boats, and there will also be competitions on Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, hiking to Senubing Hill, as well as geological observations at the Alif Stone Park.

Yacht Tourism is a special interest sport activity in which tourists are free to visit several destinations along the expedition route following the open seas. Through yachting, yachters experience a variety of unique features t hat they encounter along their journey stopping at a number of different islands. These yachts do not only  call on a couple of islands but they can visit tens of islands in one single trip.

The Natuna Regency local government has made all necessary preparations to welcome yachters to its beautiful shores including coordination with  event organizers, arranging the itinerary, publication, and taking safety and security measures. Most important  of all are the entry permits and procedures into Indonesian territory, which involve a number of authorities including custom, and immigration and harbor authorities who have all  been included in the  Natuna Marine Festival committee.

With the arrival of yachts in the Natuna waters, it is expected that more tourists will admire and know this new destination so that the number of tourists visiting the islands will also increase. With such potentials, Natuna can be a perfect alternative for international tourists who are looking for fresh attractions. (

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