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Monday, October 12, 2015

Foreign tourists fond of traditional Indonesian cuisines

Several foreign tourists visiting Jakarta are in fact fond of traditional Indonesian cuisines, according to Cinema 21 Director of Food and Beverage Dody Suhartono.

"Every day, we see many foreign tourists coming to our restaurant to enjoy traditional Indonesian cuisines, such as nasi rames (rice and side dishes served together), meatballs, soto (kind of soup), satay, and pickles," Suhartono remarked here on Monday.

He noted that tourists visiting a restaurant located in Metropole historic building will easily be able to find traditional Indonesian cuisines from different regions across the country.

"The food we serve does not contain flavorings, but the foreign tourists have immensely liked them," Suhartono said, adding that he chose to prepare natural broth that takes about seven hours.

Interestingly, this restaurant also serves food that is typical to the style of the past, such as the pudding tray duku, corn pudding platter, and ice gruel.

"In the past, we usually bought pudding tray duku from vendors, but now, all the foods are served at this restaurant is a hygienic way," he noted.

He expressed hope that by serving such traditional cuisines, the visitors at the restaurant would be able to reminisce about the past.

According to Suhartono, the restaurant serves a menu encompassing the cuisines of all islands in Indonesia, including Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi, among several others.

Besides foreign tourists, several ambassadors from friendly countries also usually visit this restaurant.

"The most unique dish served at this restaurant is a vegetable made from papaya flowers, but it is prepared in a way that it does not taste bitter, in addition to gruel as well as traditional snacks and special pickles from Betawi," he remarked.

Culinary expert William Wongso had earlier estimated that in the near future, the culinary mecca of the world will shift to Indonesia.

"Today, the mindset of the world community is different. People have tried different flavors, and in the near future, I believe the culinary mecca of the world will move to Indonesia," William affirmed.

He noted that the cuisines of Indonesia have a unique taste and are rich in spices that had drawn the Europeans to colonize the country. (Antara)

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