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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bali by the Numbers: Bali Tops 4 Million Visitors in 2015

Final foreign tourist arrival number for Bali for 2015 recorded 4,001,654 visitors – just managing to surpass the targeted 4 million and an increase of 6.19% over total arrivals in 2014.
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Concerns that Bali would end 2015 falling short of the 4 million-visitor mark were remedied by strong arrivals for December 2015 that tallied 370,459 – an increase of 6.1% over December 2014 when 349,094 foreign visitors came to the Island.
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Worthy of note is the fact that Australian arrivals – still the number one source of foreign visitors to Bali -  hav entered negative territory. Month-on-month for December 2015, Australian arrivals declined by 7.41%. Meanwhile total Australian arrivals for 2015 declined 2.15%, this after years of steady growth.
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Chinese travelers to Bali are now the second largest source of foreign visitors, totaling 687,633 for 2015. While this is a 17.3% increase over the previous year, Chinese arrivals month-on-month for December 2015 declined 2.5%.

Japanese arrivals – once the main source of foreign visitors to Bali – now holds 3rd rank with 228,035 Japanese visitors in 2015. Month-on-month for December 2015, however, Japanese arrivals hit 20,215 declining 7.2%

The best performing markets in 2015 were UK (+31.77%), India (+34.49%), USA (+19.17%), New Zealand (+13.28%), Canada (+19.62%) and Germany (+14.08%).

The worst performing markets in 2015 were Malaysia (-15.4%), Singapore (-18.21%) and Russia (-28.18%).

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