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Monday, June 20, 2016

Wonderful Indonesia Jakarta Virtual Reality Project

Experience city that never sleeps, Jakarta! As a melting pot of Indonesia’s diverse culture and ethnicities, it's your one-stop destination if you want to know all about Indonesia. Delve deep into the city’s history and admire the old town’s marvellous architecture. Then, bask in the sunlight while you let the Seribu Archipelago’s pristine sand tickle your feet.

A VR 360 video is a virtual reality video that lets you immerse yourself in what you are watching, making it feel like you are actually there. The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism has used this method to display the beauty of Indonesia in tourism exhibitions across the globe.

- Jakarta Old Town
- Bidadari Island
- Onrust Island
- Kelor Island
- Air Island
- Rambut Island
- Untung Jawa Island
- Puncak Highland


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